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In January of 2013, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released a new report entitled, What Are the Social Benefits of Education?, as a new brief in its Education Indicators in Focus series. In this brief, the authors find that “…the evidence makes already the case for education policies to complement social policies aimed at tackling health, crime and social cohesion. It would be important to take into account educational approaches to social challenges when evaluating cost-effective policy levers.” If elected, working on initiatives that promote quality of education for ALL American children will be a top priority of mine. Without increasing a country of well-educated individuals, we will continue to be forced to focus our energies and funding on fighting poverty, unemployment, and a society feeling hopeless and disenfranchised. Click to read the full statement.

Neighbors need to work together. As your representative, I pledge to work with you to ensure that your interests and concerns are represented in Washington.

Oftentimes we hear the other side of the aisle tell us they believe in smaller and less intrusive government. They tell us we need a government that is off our backs and out of the way. Yet, the very same officials that shout these ideologies turn around and try to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body based on their own personal beliefs. I cannot think of a way in which government is more involved in your life than if they are telling you what to do with it.
While I or any other congressperson may not personally choose the route of abortion, I also know that it is never my authority to dictate to women based on my personal beliefs. Decades ago the supreme court ruled that women have the right, under the fourteenth amendment, to have access to safe and legal abortions. There is no reason to begin to infringe upon on reduce this right as we know it today.
Our number one interest in regard to abortion is to first protect women’s health and their right to choose. I believe the government should stay out of what any woman may choose to do. Instead of limiting access to abortions and forcing women into difficult, sometimes life threatening decisions, we need to ensure the access to abortion is expansive and safe.
I also respect that everyone has his or her own moral, sometimes religious views on the issue and these opinions are allowed and accepted so long as they do not actively attempt to deter women from their right to choose. I will fight every day to make sure no one politician’s objection to abortion forces a woman into a dangerous and unsafe situation.

Climate Change
I am concerned, like so many of you, about the climate change effects on the earth. I applaud the action plan created at the Paris climate conference in December, and we must take steps in this country to promote new initiatives for cutting emissions and advancing low-carbon technologies.
Immigration Reform
I stand with those who support immigration reform that will address the legal status of the 11 million undocumented people in our country, secure the border, and protect undocumented workers from labor exploitation.


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    Christian Cano

    About Christian

    Christian and his family live in South Charlotte. Christian has family who have called North Carolina home since 1862.

    Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Christian attended Texas Christian University and has traveled America over the past 20 years as a hotel manager and hospitality consultant, specializing in re-branding and opening hotels. Christian’s clients have included many of America’s major private and public hotel management companies. Christian has been credited for developing the WoW-Zone training program in the late 90s.

    Christian and his business partner are currently developing a line of natural pet products, including food and essential oils for all pet parents who are concerned about the environment and the safety of families due to toxins and chemicals.

    Christian and his family are members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Charlotte and they practice a “Loving Not Judging” life of faith!

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