Christian Cano
The Voice of the People of NC District 9!


Neighbors need to work together. As your representative, I pledge to work with you to ensure that your interests and concerns are represented in Washington.

Business Regulation
As your Congressperson, I promise to consider the assessed impact of new or changing regulations on all businesses, with particular attention and concern to the small business owner. I am fully aware of the detrimental effect that these can have on our smaller local businesses, which can result in loss of neighborhood jobs and a weakened economy.
With this in mind, I continue to be committed to a safe workplace and healthy environment.

While my personal stand on the abortion issue is Pro-Life, as I’ve said throughout my campaign, my stand on issues will never be based on my personal and religious beliefs. I firmly believe in the Constitution and its amendments, and I agree with the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe vs Wade that denying women the right to abortion is in violation of the due process clause of the 14th amendment. Section I of the 14th amendment states that, “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Regardless of my personal belief on this issue, I recognize the importance of this section of the amendment as it relates to the issue of abortion, the right to marry, and the right to privacy.
Climate Change
I am concerned, like so many of you, about the climate change effects on the earth. I applaud the action plan created at the Paris climate conference in December, and we must take steps in this country to promote new initiatives for cutting emissions and advancing low-carbon technologies.
Immigration Reform
I stand with those who support immigration reform that will address the legal status of the 11 million undocumented people in our country, secure the border, and protect undocumented workers from labor exploitation.


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Christian Cano

About Christian

Christian and his family live in South Charlotte. Christian has family who have called North Carolina home since 1862.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Christian attended Texas Christian University and has traveled America over the past 20 years as a hotel manager and hospitality consultant, specializing in re-branding and opening hotels. Christian’s clients have included many of America’s major private and public hotel management companies. Christian has been credited for developing the WoW-Zone training program in the late 90s.

Christian and his business partner are currently developing a line of natural pet products, including food and essential oils for all pet parents who are concerned about the environment and the safety of families due to toxins and chemicals.

Christian and his family are members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Charlotte and they practice a “Loving Not Judging” life of faith!

Facebook Posts

I'm so proud to stand with our next Vice-president #TimKane & the rest of our strong inclusive nominees up & down our Democratic ticket in #NorthCarolina.

Senator Kane is one of only a handful of Senators or Congresspersons who have active duty members of his family serving in our Profesional Military.

He understands the struggles facing our military families and our Veterans. He has a proven track record creating short and long term solutions for our real world issues facing our family, friends, and neighbors.

I know my family will be in safe, same, and responsible hands under the leadership of President Hillary Clinton and Vice-president Tim Kane.

Unlike #RobertPittenger, my own party is not afraid to be seen with each other or are we running away from each other in #Vote2016.

We have too much as stake to risk our future to Pittenger and Trump.

Can you imagine an America with a President Trump who would tweet his gossip girl like conspiracy theories and more years of a Congressman like Pittenger who would help spread these #PittSpiracy theories as truth?

Regardless of your political views or party affiliations, we all know this is just plain scary!

I will represent everyone as our next Congressperson. Even those who believe in conspiracy theories. That will be my job.

We are all neighbors and we must return working together after this election so we can focus on our real world issues facing our neighborhoods from South Charlotte to Bladen County.

#WeDeserveBetter in #NC09 and I pledge to continue our efforts in #BringingNeighborsTogether!

I ask for the privilege of your vote and I pledge to put all of our neighbors as my #Job1 in Congress!

#WeDeserveBetter #TurnNCBlue #ProNeighbor #NCIndependents #ProBusiness #ProNeighbor #NC09 #Cano4NC09
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