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I know education is crucial to every person’s development. In fact, if I had not had the
right teachers to encourage me and give me the tools I need to be successful, I would never have
had the strength to run for US Congress. Yet today we see that teachers are more disrespected
than ever. In our state, alone, republican leadership has drastically hindered our local teachers
and school ability to effectively impact our children’s lives. We must stop with budget cuts that
slash public schools funding. We want teachers to enjoy teaching in North Carolina, not run
away from it. Click to read the full statements of all the policy statements.

Health Care
There are 320 million people currently living in America. Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) went into effect, 15.7% or around 49 million Americans did not have health insurance. Now, after multiple years of being law and many attempted repeals later, less than 10% of the population goes without coverage. That is around 20 million more people that now have access to affordable and decent health care. This is a significant step in the right direction and we certainly support an even broader effort to ensure every single American has access to quality health care regardless of how much money they make. Click to read the full statements of all the policy statements.
Oftentimes we hear the other side of the aisle tell us they believe in smaller and less intrusive government. They tell us we need a government that is off our backs and out of the way. Yet, the very same officials that shout these ideologies turn around and try to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body based on their own personal beliefs. I cannot think of a way in which government is more involved in your life than if they are telling you what to do with your body. Click to read the full statements of all the policy statements.
Climate Change
One of the deadliest problems facing not just the United States, but the entire world, is Climate Change. If we do not take immediate action to combat the drastic effects that climate change poses on our world, there will be dire consequences. Our next generation will feel it significantly and then the next generation after that even more so. But we do not have to look that far into the future because it is already happening. And while it is not too late to fight it, we are getting awfully close to blowing our last opportunity to turn things around. Click to read the full statements of all the policy statements.
Immigration Reform
I have zero intention of ever supporting the mass deportation of over eleven million human beings from the United States of America. As a person of Hispanic heritage, I know first hand that immigrants can succeed beyond their wildest dreams when they are given the opportunity for success. This is what we should continue to encourage, instead of turning against one other because of the color of our skin. Our country can and will be better than the rhetoric we hear from the right about undocumented workers. Besides the obvious moral implications of a mass deportation, there would be huge economic repercussions from such an event that could send our country spiraling downwards. Click to read the full statements of all the policy statements.
Right now, we face a very unique economic situation. Though we are no longer in a recession and unemployment continues to shrink, I have seen firsthand that the recovery has not lifted everyone up. Are we better than we were eight years ago? Certainly. Is there still more that needs to be done? Absolutely. While what President Obama did to to keep our country afloat was nothing short of remarkable, we must also understand that we can no longer survive with just the elite doing well. We need a society in which everyone has the same opportunity at success-regardless of wealth, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other basis. It is time to begin to bring the climate of opportunity back to every day citizens, and back to those in the Ninth District of North Carolina. Click to read the full statements of all the policy statements.
Foreign Policy
In our world today we are faced with many challenges few of which match the potential danger that a terrorist attack has. There are many problems that need solving and the solutions are not always easy to come by. I do know, however, that fear mongering for the sake of votes is not the answer. It is in times of fear that we make choices without considering the long term ramifications they might pose. It takes a real leader to step back and look for every possible consequence that every decision might hold. “Nuke them” is not an adequate foreign policy. Click to read the full statements of all the policy statements.
Campaign Finance
In the United States of America those who have the most wealth now have the most influence and control over our electoral process. Over $1 billion will be spent between the two candidates on our presidential election. That is not a democracy, that is a plutocracy.
I believe that the best move to combat this is to overturn the Citizens United ruling with either a constitutional amendment or fighting it again in our Federal Courts. Whichever way it is done, it needs to happen. Click to read the full statements of all the policy statements.
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Christian Cano

About Christian

Christian and his family live in South Charlotte. Christian has family who have called North Carolina home since 1862.

Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Christian attended Texas Christian University and has traveled America over the past 20 years as a hotel manager and hospitality consultant, specializing in re-branding and opening hotels. Christian’s clients have included many of America’s major private and public hotel management companies. Christian has been credited for developing the WoW-Zone training program in the late 90s.

Christian and his business partner are currently developing a line of natural pet products, including food and essential oils for all pet parents who are concerned about the environment and the safety of families due to toxins and chemicals.

Christian and his family are members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Charlotte and they practice a “Loving Not Judging” life of faith!

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